FIFA, CAF, CAS Law Not Superior to Nigeria Constitution- Lawyers


Eminent lawyers have added their voices to the current discuss over the fate of Nigeria Football in the aftermath of the expected Supreme Court judgement in the leadership tussle between Ambassador Chris Giwa and Amaju Pinnick.

Some of the lawyers said those flying the FIFA kite have something to hide because the laws of the continental football bodies cannot be superior to the laws of any country.
They said Nigeria cannot surrender her sovereignty to borrowed laws.
According to kaodichukwu Emezue, the head chambers of Emepu chambers, FIFA. and CAF laws if domesticated in Nigeria, which is not the case here, it could be referred to an act of the parliament and as such cannot be superior to the constitution of the country.
"Those hiding under FIFA or whatever law that is unknown to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are mischievous and as such cannot be trusted. They hide under these laws to cheat and humiliate others and I am sure they are afraid of something."
While another lawyer, Fred Iworia in his submission said there is nothing wrong in associations making to guide the conduct of her members, such laws are subject to the laws of the land and queried the rationale behind several attacks on individuals who are fighting for their fundamental human rights.
 " I have this matter with keen interest and I must submit that those who question the decisions of a competent court of jurisdiction as an aberration. I am mostly pained because the same people that are doing all this must have in one way and another benefited from the judicial system".
" Remember that Giwa has pursued this case from the Jos Federal High Court to the appeal court and now the Supreme Court, which shows that he respects the rule of law. He won at the Federal Court, lost at Appeal Court and he never complained, so the other group should also emulate him.
Finally the resort to name calling and making disparaging comments on the judiciary is not healthy situation because someday they would have to answer questions over their utterances.

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