Obaseki Will Chose Best Brains - Ex-Commissioner


Former Commissioner for Sports in Edo State, Hon. Omorede Osifo-Marshal, has described the state governor, Godwin  Obaseki, as a performer who will surround himself with people of like minds as members of his cabinet.

She averred that as the brainbox of the Economic and Strategic Team of the Oshiomhole administration, Obaseki is not a greenhorn in issues of governance and as such knows the calibre of people that will turn the fortune of the state around for the better.
"We all are aware that Governor Godwin Obaseki is a technocrat. He knows his onions too well.
"While working as the boss of the Economic and Strategy Team in the Oshiomhole administration he would have related with a lot of people who also share his dream of taking the state to the next level.
"Its this calibre of people that he will be looking out for in his cabinet. We can catch a glimpse of what to come if we take a look at the calibre of people he has appointed as members of his team. He does not compromise capabilities on the altar of compensation.
"We expect more of such kinds of quality appointments in the years ahead. Another thing I would advice him on is that even as efforts are on to reflect ethnic balancing in his choice of cabinet members he should not fail to free himself from the shackles of praise singers and lobbyists who would rather he dance to their tunes.
"The best brains must be sought from all the parts of the state irrespective of ethnic and religious leanings.
"If possible all those interested in been made commissioners, special advisers and the likes should be compelled to submit their credentials for thorough screening before been selected and engaged," she enthused.

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