And, is Abia still God’s own state?

The state of affairs in Abia State is a very pathetic one. Labeled ‘’God’s Own State’’, it is possible that its indigenes don’t pray enough to receive God’s favour, grace and mercy.
 It is the most backward state in the entire eastern region, many swear.
Year after year and government after government, indigenes of the state continue to wonder why they have never got it right. ‘’We’ve never had the right person to pilot the affairs of our state to a profitable level, all we’ve had are pretenders who come in with promises that are never fulfilled at the end of their tenures,’’ some visibly angry indigenes confided at a public function in the state capital, Umuahia.
The frustration is boldly inscribed on the face of everybody such that some of them singled out the administration of Dr Orji Uzo Kalu as the most successful so far. ‘’If for nothing the pomp, glitz and glamour it generated. He gave us a sense of belonging,’’ one of them insisted.
They are even losing confidence on the ability of the incumbent Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, to carry on with the baton successfully. ‘’Almost two years after, all we hear is that distractions from the opposition are the bane of his government. Can you imagine? Perhaps we will wait till eternity.’’
From the state university site at Uturu (Isuikwuato) via Accra to Umuahia, there are still tales of bad roads, dilapidated infrastructures and all the negativities.
‘’Somebody claims that he is reconstructing roads, please take a trip to Aba alone and see things for yourself. You will cry for our dear state because it’s all photo show,’’ they added.
Ochendo’s eight years (Theodore Orji) was also a write-off by them. ‘’Okay, he performed and built government offices, estates for ‘’them-them’’ and uncompleted and inaccessible market stalls for us, beautiful performance.’’
Nothing more to add, or?

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