Ibaka TV Distances Self from Impostors

Management of IBAKATV has stated that they are not in anyway associated, affiliated or related to IBAKA/movies youtube channel which has been posting, broadcasting and uploading movies in violation of the rights of the copyright owners, particularly movies titled, ‘A Trip to Jamaica’ and ‘76’. These movies are illegally posted by unknown persons impersonating IBAKA TV.

In a statement made available to www.samurahblog.com, the management has taken measures to deal with the situation.
The statement further reads:
“The modus operandi of these online pirates is to upload movie contents by falsely branding them as traffic pulling movies such as above mentioned movies and thereby fraudulently deceiving the public; the act becomes more heinous when such unscrupulous persons perpetuate this act by masquerading this channel of broadcast as IBAKA TV.
IBAKA TV has taken actions against the persons for this illegal act and bringing the name of IBAKA TV into disrepute. We have informed our lawyers and they are taking the necessary steps to bring legal actions against the impersonators.
“We by this medium, disassociate ourselves from the posting of the movies and further state we shall not be liable for any general, special, direct, indirect, consequential, inconsequential damages that may arise in connection with the posting of the movies on youtube.
IBAKA TV is a reputable online platform that believes in the growth, development and objectives of Nollywood and will not in anyway desecrate its objectives by posting any material or movie online without obtaining the requisite consents and authorization required.

“Please be informed that the underlisted are IBAKA TV Channels available on youtube:

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