‘June 12 Girl’ Set to Unleah ‘Lovinjaitis’

Power-bike lover and latest sensation in the Nigerian music industry, KASI whose birth on our historic (political) day, June 12, shares a chunk of her nomenclature, is one of the acts that will open the floodgate of album releases in 2017.

Mid January, according to feelers from her record label, TOPS, Kasi will finally unleash her much expected singles ‘’Lovinjaitis’’ and ‘’Ifunanya’’ to music lovers. While the first is a dance song that will send everyone to the dance floor, the second is said to be a touching love song that will further showcase the bundle of talent she possesses.
‘’I have spent a lifetime in the music industry. I have seen talents in different shapes and colours. I am not sure that I have met any talent so real and genuine like the June 12 girl. Kasi is absolutely joy to work with . She is so natural and has inspired me in many ways, she has unmistakable star quality and come January 14, Nigerians and the rest of the world will have the chance to see what I have seen in Kasi,’’ Tony Okoroji TOPS boss and producer stated.

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