Obaseki Must Give Youths a Chance to Succeed

US based Ambassador Dion Osagie has appealed to Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State to give youths opportunity to occupy public office through which they can contribute meaningfully to the development of the state.

“Governor Godwin Obaseki should give the youths of the state the opportunity to contribute their quota to the development of the state.
The days are gone when the youths are only used to snatch ballot boxes or to actualize the ambition of some greedy politicians.
“Now, than ever before, the youths must be given the opportunity to shine. There is no better time for that than now. The youth hold the key to a brighter future for the state and indeed  the country,” he stated.
In giving the youths the opportunity to serve the people, Osagie stressed that all should be done to put the square peg in the square hole. He said that care should be taken in screening nominees for public office.
“All public office seekers should go through proper screening to avoid a situation where charlatans are celebrated and foisted on the people.
When such happens the confidence of the people wanes and they see the government as being weak to address certain policy issues.
“I am certain that if the proper procedure is undertaking in selecting people to occupy public office a good many of such people will be an asset to the state,” he stated.
On foreign investors, Osagie promised to use his extensive international connections garnered in his close to twenty years experience transversing the length and breadth of Europe, America, Canada and  some other parts of the world would be used to optimium value in the area of partnering with those interested in agriculture, solid minerals, transportation, health and other critical sectors of the economy.
“Edo State desire to be rated as one of the best states in Nigeria and as such deadwoods should be sieved out of the system for things to move in an upward direction.”
He disclosed that his pet project, Godsent Foundation, in recent times has embarked on a project tagged The Random Act of Kindness whereby on a daily basis its operatives move around the city of Benin and adjoining towns to pick street hawkers and empower them with as much
as N0,000 or above which  will be enough to make them move up the ladder and do some other meaningful business.
To him, Governor Godwin Obaseki will engrave his name on the sands of history if he can pilot the affairs of the state on a projectile of progress and abundance.

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