9ice Blames age as reason for inability to churn out hits after ‘Gongo Aso’

Probably unable to understand why he could not make another hit after ‘Gongo Aso’ over 10 years ago, Abolore Adigun Ajifolajifaola better known as 9ice has attributed his unimpressive albums as a result of his age. 9ice is under 40.

He added that as one grows older, there is bound to be physical changes in the body and other aspects. He said that one cannot compare when he released ‘Gongo Aso’ at age 24 to when he became 35.
I guess a lot of people will disagree with his excuses as we have many examples of musicians who started when he started professionally and sang till their dying days at old age. In any case, 9ice is still under 40 while the likes of KWAM 1, just clocked 60 and he still singing and shouting. KSA, Majek Fashek, Pasuma and the rest are still doing their thing. 9ice should seek for help and probably change style. It could help!

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