Arrest of 16 Primary School Students in Enugu: Proprietress, Management Apologise


 Thought to be a harmless stunt to frighten erring students to take their studies serious, little did Mrs. Ify Okonkwo, proprietress of Early Dew Montessori Academy Enugu Stated envisaged that her plan would be misinterpreted.

It would be recalled that the proprietress had on Thursday February 16 invited some policemen on the pretext that they were coming to arrest erring students who are not taking their academic serious but the whole plan became an issue.
In her letter dated February 20, 2017, Okonkwo apologised  to the State Governor and people of Enugu State,  saying: “I did not think it through. I did not know the incident will be seen in this light. I just thought the drama we acted with the policemen will help keep the kids in line. Now I realize I miscalculated. I am sincerely sorry.”

The management of the academy also issued a letter of apology which reads: “We the management of Early Dew Montessori Academy Enugu seize this opportunity to apologise to the Enugu State  particularly His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi,  the Hon. Commissioner for Education Prof. Uche Eze and all the people whose sensibility may have been offended by the unfortunate incident of 16th Feb, 2017 within the premises of our school. No child was molested but the presence of the three policemen was merely intended to make it look real that school is serious about how the children should behave.

"It was an honest error of judgement. We regret it and promise it will not happen (again). We uploaded the picture to parents group chat and parents reacted by commending the drama but one parent apparently did not like and sent same to internet twisting the story for a purpose. Once again, our sincere apologies.”

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