BBN: Critics Are Hypocrites - Actress, Sandra Ifudu

Down-to-earth role interpreter, Sandra Ifudu has lashed out at critics who view the Big Brother Nigeria reality show as immoral as hypocrites.

On her facebook wall she explained that what is happening in the show is not new or strange and besides, the event is just a show.
Hear her: “All of you that have a problem with Big brother Naija are hypocrites! It is a REALITY SHOW! Deal with it! Now let us take the words one by one.
REALITY- Real life! In real life, people do worse things. Including you that's running your mouth against the show. Everything being aired in the show is inherent in real life. It is not new, it is not strange!
SHOW- A display.
In other words, BBN is a display of real life! Let he who's without sin be the first to cast a stone. You all should just stop with your hypocrisy and let us enjoy our show. DSTV has so many channels but your decoder is permanently on 198. Yet you come to social media to talk rubbish! Who are you deceiving?”

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