Celebrities Mourn Over Ben King’s death

Ben King Okojie

Many Nigerians may not know, or have simply forgotten the name Ben King Iyere Okojie. But the fact remains that he was visibly instrumental to the transformation of the Nigerian entertainment industry back in the day and present.

Talk about a man that managed and opened the floodgate of successes for top acts like Kris Okotie, Felix Lebarty, King Sunny Ade, Lorine Okotie and others too numerous to mention here. Just liked he painstakingly worked with many of the record companies/labels that provided the needed backups in the arena.

There is no gainsaying these facts. Well, the sad news is that this showbiz impresario passed on last week. But many people are just beginning to hear about it. And expectedly, the reactions have been quite massive. The industry has lost yet another gem.
For the  likes of Charles Imoloame (Charlimo), Orits Williki, Paul Play Dairo, Lorine Okotie, Edi Lawani, Daniel Wilson, Mike Nliam and a host of others, shock, disbelief but with thanks for a life well spent, sound like enough consolation for now.

"This man impacted my career positively with his fatherly advice in the music busic business…,’’ said Paul Play Dairo. "He was my father,’’ Daniel Wilson.  ‘’Am in shock, I cannot believe Uncle Ben is gone, he was such a great man….’’ Lorine Okotie. "Many of us don’t know Papa Benita personally but have felt his contribution and great sacrifice in the industry…,’’ Mike Nliam.

Under his tutelage, it will be recalled too, his daughter, Benita also saw the musical green light and shined like a million stars. The list is endless. He was very dedicated to the cause he so much loved, believed in and cherished. He thus ensured that he did everything perfectly well to stand out in every segment of the industry he touched, like a colossus.

May his soul rest in peace.

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