Chris Okafor Spits Fire: We Will Change this Change!

Currently trending on social media is the explosive preaching (video) of Dr. Chris Okafor,  General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries, a.k.a Liberation City.

Not known to be fiery but Okafor fondly called ‘Talk Na Do’ seem to have suddenly woken up from dream to reality as he took some of his colleagues as well as some politicians and the federal government to the cleaners saying, enough is enough!

Capitalizing on the admonition of the G.O of Redeemed church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye who told his members to join political parties to effect change, Okafor reiterated that and assured Nigerians that Christians will unite and change the change. 

He lambasted top clerics for their inability to speak out in the face of bad governance, killing of Christians, oppression, injustice et al. He accused them of taking bribe and so cannot talk. He however praised the likes of Bishop 
Oyedepo and Apostle Suleiman for speaking up. He asked why the organizers of the ‘Save Nigeria Group’ kept quiet in the face of the current recession in the country.

He called on government to declare state of emergency in Kaduna State because the governor cannot govern nor protect the people because he has interest.

He wondered why Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu would still be in detention when the courts have asked the federal government to release them. He demanded for the outright release of kanu even as he said he is not afraid to die for his conviction.

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