I once gave up on music, but I’m back for good – KenZ

U.S. based Nigerian born singer Kennedy Matthews aka KenZ, has revealed that his silence in music was because he once gave up on his musical career.

The singer who is ready to make a comeback in few days’ time, revealed that work and family were the major reasons he dropped out of the game, adding that few things made him change his mind back for good.

On why it took him time to announce the release of his next singles, he said: “I really don't know... but there was a time I gave up on music. Got caught up with Work and family”

Speaking further, he said a post on Instagram made him change his mind and he now understands that there’s no reason for him to give up on his dreams.

“I read a post on IG, two people were digging for gold;one didn't have to dig far into the ground before he got to his gold. But the other guy kept digging but gave up when he had few inches more to his gold.
And I read an article basically saying don't give up on your passion no matter how hard it seems and so on.

“I decided to start putting out all the songs I've recorded no matter how bad they are, there's someone out there that will like them, and that one someone is good enough” he said.

Kenz’s will be marking his comeback with the release of two singles, ‘BomBom’and ‘Medulla’ on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

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