I'm Too Young to Play Intimate Roles - Nwaizuzu

She is young and beautiful and she is living her dream of being an actress. The story of Chinyere Nwaizuzu can be likened to big names in Nollywood today who started off as either child actors or TV presenters.
She is always happy to be on television. Infact, she began her budding career some years back when she was a presenter of an educative television program, ‘Funbus’ on NTA-ETV, while also dreaming to become an actress someday.
And now, she has featured in two blockbuster movies’ The Battle of Udemaeze and Teaser. To her, ‘Teaser’ is more challenging because, “in the movie shot by popular movie director, Chima Okoroji, I had a role of a daughter who was deeply in love with her own biological father, so the role was quite difficult to interpret. The story is about a father who loves his daughter genuinely but his daughter mistook her father's love for lust and she reciprocated in return. The experience was wonderful. I learnt and observed a whole lot of things I have no idea of before,” said Nwaizuzu.

On who her role model in the industry is, she has this to say; “She is none other than Mercy Johnson. She is simply amazing! There is no role that she doesn't handle properly. She is black, beautiful and down-to-earth.”

Done with her secondary school education, the fair complexioned thespian who is assiduously working towards furthering her education at the tertiary level revealed that her parents were indecisive initially about her going into acting, but she now has their blessings.

The pretty up and coming star who loves listening to music and travelling also explains how she ward off advances from boys/men; “ I am young and beautiful and I appreciate the love and support but on the other hand, I am not ready for such advances though I'm on cool terms with my fans. I cannot get into any relationship now because I have not commenced my university education and I really need to be focused.”

Asked what role she cannot play in a movie, she said; “Well because of my age, I cannot play intimate roles besides, I’m not yet experienced to play deep intimate roles. I'm quite young.”

By her calculations, Nwaizuzu in the next five years, she would have been through with university and be more focused to do more exploits with her talent.


  1. Beautiful interview....Amazing answers....may God bless your efforts

  2. Chichi, you doing well, God bless your dreams

  3. Chichi, you doing well, God bless your dreams


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