More Trouble for Tontoh Dikeh as Igbo Men Go for her Jugular!


Perhaps, what she innocently said a couple of years ago has turned round to hunt embattled actress, Tontoh Dikeh.

Currently embroiled in a bear-it-all kind of situation with her estranged husband, Churchill, who she accused of infecting her with STDs among other negative stories, some of her Igbo brothers are having the last laugh at her expense for saying that she cannot marry an Ibo man because they are nosey.
On his facebook wall, IT guru and social critic, Anthony Nwosu  reminded her of her what she said few years ago and most of responses weren’t pleasant. However, Nwosu insisted that his post is only “dissecting the mockingbird she made on a group of people that is over 40 million.”

Nwosu wrote: “Tonto Dike said a couple of years ago that she can't marry Igbo man that they are nosy. ...And that's a fact, I am an Igbo and I am too nosy...I will demand to know my wife's whereabouts and what she is doing and what she does to make money. If that is been nosy ..Then, I can be labeled that. Every woman wants a man that she can lean on for emotional, psychological, social and even sensual and sexual support and we fit into that picture ....
But Tonto...How far is the choice you made, finally ?
Just asking nne ...Nwa ikwerre
Our people said that
It's only an ofeke that will point his dad's house with left hand.”

Below are some of the responses

Reginald Oloko #tontodike She is too emotional to issues. I sympathise with her after learning she had to treat countless claymedia in the so called marriage. Igbo men are careful and won't have given her those countless sexual diseases she is suffering now.
Chima Pacheemar That was stupid of her and we waited for this day. Here it came.
Ruth Olurounbi My point isn't towards tribalism. It's towards compassion. I believe that human beings make mistakes and when the consequences of those mistakes come to bite them, as you put it, we should be kind enough to realise that they're human and not kick them when they're fallen. Or mock them. We all humans, we make mistakes and our mistakes shouldn't define us. That's my point.
Obiodunukwe Ebuka Francis I personally don't give a damn about her life and the outcome of her marriage but what I find annoying and offensive is when a woman who appears to be a so-called celebrity, opens her uncontrollable buccal cavity to talk tripe about a tribe (consisting of over 30 million people). She doesn't deserve any pity…

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