Robbers Break into Actress Car (photos of damaged car)

Fast rising actress, Genny Uzoma on Monday morning got the shock of her life when her blue SUV was broken into by bandits.

She posted her experience on facebook and picture of her damaged car.

She wrote thus: “So this happened to me yesterday morning. My car was broken into. I guess I was numb and also didn't want any sympathy online or otherwise ...didn’t put it up. I just told family. People gathered at the scene. I removed most of the shattered glasses and asked where I could fix it. Oyingbo was mentioned. I quietly asked for directions, drove there, fixed it and went about my meeting as if nothing happened. Luckily for me, they got away with almost nothing.
"Perhaps, a younger me would have been much more dramatic. I'm grown enough to know that threatening fire and brimstone wouldn’t bring the culprits before me to whip them thoroughly as I would have loved to.
Well now, I've gotten over the shock enough to speak out
What exactly is the country turning into? Breaking into cars! Breaking pigeon holes to steal money! Trying to steal car batteries to sell for how much?
How very pathetic!!!
I suppose this is the recession.
This is super crazy man.”

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