Sunny Nneji Releases New Single, Aeroplane Turner

For many who thought that veteran musician, Sunny Neji has called it quits with music, the ‘Mr. Fantastic’ crooner has dropped a new single entitled, Aeroplane Turner.

From all indications, the would-be-hit song describes the current situation in the country and the world in general. It inspires hope and confidence to his fans, to Nigerians and to the world at large that “no matter the height a plane takes in flying and staying up, it would surely come down one day as nothing stays the same forever,” Neji said.
In this new song, he says that the recession’s bite would soon come to an end as he advises Nigerians to take courage and hope in a time of need.
 Neji is no doubt one of the few musicians in the country who still does durable and timeless songs. And a few of his hits songs are ‘Oruka,’ ‘Tolotolo,’ ‘face me,’ ‘abosode’ and many others.
He added that Aeroplane Turner would be released online this weekend being almost the end of February, 2017 and then the radio and televisions stations would take over playing it next week.

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