Beauty Queen Calls On Nigerians To Embrace Agriculture

For Amajuoyi Onyeka Choice, the reigning Igbo Queen (Lolo Igbo), her passion and love for agricultural development knows no bounds as she calls on all Nigerians to return to the farms and re-enact the good old days when it was the life wire of the nation’s economy.

"Before the discovery of oil, agriculture was the mainstay of our economy. But immediately the oil boom started, everybody relaxed. Now that the wells are gradually drying up with a glut in the market, it is only through massive investments in food production that things will begin to change for the better for our country,’’ she insisted.

Queen Amajuoyi commended the governments of Ebonyi and Anambra for digging deep into the area of agriculture with visible results to show for it, hinting that she will soon embark on a massive campaign that will spur all and sundry to answer this clarion call.
Choice also hailed the federal government for diversifying into agriculture to save the masses from starvation as well as curtail dependence on imported items and white collar jobs for the youths.

"If government at all levels can budget massively for agriculture by providing the necessary infrastructure and logistics, a lot of people would key into it. Abundance of food for local consumption and export will help to bring our country out of recession, that is why they must act swiftly on it now.  All hands must be on deck,’’ she added.

Asked how she hopes to accomplish the task, the beautiful Loloigbo disclosed that she will embark on periodic visits to government officials, offices, traditional rulers and farmers alike, to give them a pat on the back for helping to restore the pride of the country and stem the harsh economic situation through food production.     

"I am also calling on the youths to embrace agriculture because there is nothing like it as an option to unemployment and hoping against hope,’’ she added.

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