Bombshell: PDP Exposes Obaseki’s ‘Many Secrets’


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Edo State chapter has accused the Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki of unnecessary junketing, misappropriation of funds among other allegations.

 This is contained in a statement signed by Chris Osa Nehikhare, Publicity Secretary, PDP Edo State.

The statement reads:
“Governor Obaseki: One hundred days, Seven foreign trips, many secrets!
Our attention has been drawn to the frequent, unannounced, state financed and funded unending foreign trips embarked upon by Governor Obaseki. Since after the elections, he has traveled out of the country not less than 6 times. He has jetted out again after attending Madam Ikhazobor,s burial in Lagos. What is he looking for? 

Unlike Mr. President, he doesn't transmit power to his deputy as demanded by the constitution, each time sneaking out and sneaking in like a thief in the night.  The reasons and purpose of this junketing are unknown and we wish to ask him to stay home and attend to the challenges facing the state. It is like Governor Obaseki is trying to outdo his Godfather and predecessor who took foreign trips to a new level, our fear is that nothing will come out of these wasteful trips.

Governor Obaseki 100 days: Matters Arising.
1. He has not told us the whereabout of the N11b Paris Club refund he collected on behalf of Edo people. He has been mute as if he wishes Edo people are not aware of this windfall.

2. He has not told us what he and his Godfather, former governor Adams Oshiomhole, did with $54m received from the federal government in 2014.
3. He has not told us Why close to N1 billion cash has been paid out so far invoking audit waiver.

4. Four months after the dubious commissioning of the Emergency ward, cum "five star specialist hospital", there is no sign that the building situated along Sapele is been put to use. Governor Obaseki should tell us if the N500m budgeted for the completion will be the last of such as this project is looking more and more like a financial drain pipe to siphon Edo State money.

Edo People deserve a governor that understands the psych of the people. One that knows that Edo people are still healing from the eight years of brutalizations, intimidation, deception and fraudulent manipulation of resources of its people  and as such he doesn't carry on from where his Godfather stopped.”

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