Chioma Toplis Still on Oge Okoye’s Case


Some years back, UK based Nigerian actress, Chioma Toplis and Oge Okoye used to be best of friends until their friendship suffered damage over issues that happened between them in London.

At a point, nothing was heard from both quarters and it was assumed that they had settled their differences only for Toplis to thrash Okoye on social media on account of the scandalous situation Okoye put herself into - claiming ownership of dogs that doesn’t belong to her.

She got bashed from all angles. As if that was not enough, Toplis took her erstwhile friend to the cleaners on social media and promised to continue anytime opportunity presents itself.

We want to plead with Toplis to forgive her friend for whatever wrong she must have done her and sheathe her sword for God’s sake.

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