Frills As Zilly Tete Drops Blockbuster Movie, ‘A Step Too Far’

Top female actress and producer, Zilly Tete has released a blockbuster movie entitled, ‘A Step Too Far.’

The pretty producer from Rivers State explained that the flick is interwoven in the tapestry of secrets, conflict of interest, blames of memories and chain reaction.

She explained what the film is all about thus: “Being a man is a terribly difficult task since it consists principally in dealing with women. Fred's inability to Father a child relegated him to the level of a house husband whilst his wife Valerie grabbed the opportunity to cover her track, but for Jasmine and Valerie, it's a small world. Should Valerie allow his only brother Sly, marry Jasmine and have him suffer the same fate or should she keep mute just to cover the debacles of her past from Fred and sly, his brother? 

Indeed, she failed to remember that every secret that is borne in the dark eventually comes to light.”
 The trailer and interviews is currently showing on Trybetv channel 195 DSTV Channel 97 and Gotv on Friday 10:10pm.

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