I Can Cope With Ugly Truth, But Can’t With Smooth Lies – ‘Ngozi the Cameraman’ (photos)

Though in a male dominated profession with the exception of few females making their marks in photography, Ngozi Esther Egbulonu, stands out as one of those female doing very well in her chosen profession.
Popularly known as ‘Ngozi the Cameraman,’ the indigene of Ndiorji  Okigwe  Local Government  Area of Imo State talks with www.samurahblog.com about her passion as a Cameraman and Director of Photography.

Why the interest in Director of Photography in a  male dominated world?
My interest in photography is all about passion. It has been my dream right from secondary school days. Sincerely, I do not consider Camera operation a male job. I believe it is all about interest. I grew up loving the media profession generally. So, when I had the opportunity to learn how to operate the camera in my church, I quickly grabbed it without thinking twice. I actually started operating from my church, Goodtidings Bible Church International, Abuja in 2006.

Could you tell us the works you have done?
I have done a lot of camera jobs but I would focus on journalism, which is my area of interest. Some of them include: Live coverage of football matches within and outside the country; Political and other rallies and protests, Special reports and election coverage.
I recall the 2007 election, during the tenure of Professor Maurice Iwu, when I mounted four cameras and one ENG. it was very tasking, but I was able to do  tiny God's  grace. I have also been involved in the day to day news and documentary coverage. I was also fully involved in transformation agenda of former President Goodluck Jonathan with Jace Darl Media investment and other studio works for the African Independent Television (AIT).
I also worked under the wife a former President Yar’Adua, HajiaTurai Yar'adua in the presidential villa. Presently, I am working with one of the state's First lady.

What are the challenges in your line of job?
The challenge in my line of job is actually something I constantly deal with like the struggle to get standard shots for the station I represent in the midst of pressing crowd and unfriendly security agents and the journeys to places of assignment even at ungodly hours, is something  I can cope with.

What do you hope to achieve in your line of job?
I hope to have a standard studio where I could train people in the art of camera in future.
What are your role models?
I really do not have a role model but I appreciate good camera work whenever I see one. But if I must mention one person, that person is Hakeem Okanlanwon of AIT.
However, my  Appreciation  goes to  High Chief  Raymond Dokpesi, Madam Tosin Dokpesi Mac Imoni  Amarere and to my present  Boss Ehiedu Charles Aniagwu, the SSA MEDIA, CPS to the  Delta State Governor. Without you all, there wouldn't have been ‘Ngozi the Cameraman.’ Thanks.

What kind of man makes an impression on you and why?
Apart from being a God fearing man, I like a calm, hardworking man, but above  all a man that  will tell me the truth  not minding how bitter it may  be. I can cope with ugly truth but find it difficult to cope with sweet and smooth lies when revealed.

What part of your body do you cherish the most?
I cherish all parts of my body. I said all because I need  all parts of my body complete to be able to do my job effectively.

What are you other areas of interest?
Apart from being a D.O.P. my other areas of interest  includes Nursing  and Football.

What are your hobbies?
I love travelling, swimming, watching football, movies, wrestling  and documentaries.

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