Viewtrends TV Berths

In line with its avowed commitment to the growth of Nollywood and the propagation of its enduring mass appeal and the attendant positive life lessons the industry and its genre engenders, the management of Viewtrend Entertainment Limited has made true its promise of launching a highly entertaining and professionally run Online TV. This new channel is called Viewtrend TV.

Known as the cerebral producers of the popular New Nigerian Diva Reality Show series, the Nollywood Girl-Child Defenders Awards, and numerous other Box Office movies and docudramas, Viewtrends Entertainment is poised to take the Online viewing public on series of unforgettable motion picture experience with their new Online TV.

In a statement signed by the head honcho of the outfit and veteran industry egghead Dozie Eboh, Viewtrend TV is the destination next for ultimate On-line viewing experience starting with its exclusive franchises and contents like NND 1&2, NGCDA 1&2, and numerous other entertaining movies, reality shows and educative clips from the outfit and other independent content providers both within and outside the industry.

This is saying a big and resounding welcome to View Trend TV!

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