Youths Should Stop Being Spectators - Nwabueze

National leader and founder of Young Democratic Party (YDP) Honourable Henry Nwabueze has called on the Nigerian youths to get involved in the development of the nation saying it is high time they stopped being spectators.

In what can be termed a clarion call to the youths, Nwabueze in a letter aptly tagged; ‘To All Smart Young Nigerians,’ he urged all hands to be on deck to achieve the nation of our dream.

He writes:
“To all Smart Young Nigerians
We must remember that every one of us has something to give or contribute towards the development and advancement of our great nation Nigeria. We must all come to the full realization that everything that is needed for the prosperity and progress of our 'Common Wealth,' lies within us. Therefore we all must be willing and ready to play our vital roles now that we are still young.

This is indeed a special time, an auspicious moment to think about our great nation and her future. Africa was called a dark continent, not because of the colour of our skin but because of the content of our character and the poverty of our minds. The time is here therefore for us to make the difference. We need to change our mindset from thinking that the nation owes us; rather we should be grateful for the many opportunities she has so far bequeathed us.

Many of us have benefited immensely from the structure of our  society, whether we wish to admit it or not. This kind of thinking will definitely lead to an evolution of a new nation, the nation of our dream. We all must therefore become involved and be spectators no more. We must gladly render services and seek to improve our society. Our dreams must be greater and loftier to create for ourselves and our children yet unborn a more Secure, prosperous and egalitarian society.

In realizing this dream, all hands must be on deck. Everyone must be committed to giving back to the nation. Major corporations, business establishments must commit themselves to their corporate social responsibility in the areas of infrastructural development. Banks should help build campuses for our tertiary institutions and provide class rooms for our basic and secondary schools. Major corporations and businesses should help fund our education as a testimony to their commitment to their corporate social responsibility.
Oil companies operating in the Niger Delta must clean up the mess they created there and fully commit themselves to the Human capital and Infrastructural development of the region.

God bless Nigeria. God bless Young Democratic Party (YDP)!”|

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