All Set for Caribbean Trade Mission 2017

Top movie producer, Reverend Innocent Peace’s Rhema Productions Limited has embarked on an international tourism project tagged; ‘The Caribbean Trade Mission 2017.’

Together with the Nigerian Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce with Silverbird Television as its major media partner, the trade mission is aimed at bringing together the emerging economic power of the Caribbean region with the Nigerian business community to explore business opportunities in the areas of import/export and investments in Nigeria and in the Caribbean. learnt that this batch is slated to leave the shores of Nigeria by the last week of May while the event proper is for the first week of June in Port of Spain the exotic capital city of Trinidad and Tobago.

Speaking more about what both countries would benefit through the event, Peace said: “For instance the Nigerian business community stands to benefit from the strong and stable Caribbean currency which stands between $3-$7 to one American dollars in the areas of exporting textile materials, Nigerian food condiments, Nigerian made shoes and sandals, poly products like slippers, chairs and etc. 

“Nigerians will also earn the much needed US  dollars by exporting their expertise in the IT/Media sector, movie/ TV programs productions or exportations while on the side of the Caribbeans they also stand to gain by introducing their wonderful Caribbean spices, Rums, Fish and fishery products like tuners, shrimps and etc into the big Nigerian market and there's also opportunity for genuine and serious Nigerian small scale and big time business concerns to invest in the Caribbean by opening up shops, Plazas, barbing saloons, oil products production and etc.

“The need for the Caribbean Trade mission is to help facilitate visa procurement for intending participants as the Caribbean depends so much on tourism and for that so much security conscious making visa procurement a very difficult initiative most of the time and also to help link the two business communities with the right and genuine business partners to avoid falling into the wrong hands.”

Interested participants should contact the facilitators on

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