TAMEB: Similarity Between Religion And Football

Perhaps not many know or have thought about simple fact. Or better put, cared to consider its appropriateness before engaging into the excesses.

Religion and football, two things that attract fanaticism and oftentimes lead to bloodshed, maiming and wanton destructions can be likened to each other.
 Simply translated and expatiated, from what a gentleman of God, Venerable Funsho Awe posited at an interfaith programme last weekend, many people follow their activities ignorantly.

According to Venerable Funsho Awe, football and religion are two of a kind because they are trailed by the same mentality of followership; where people fight over what is not necessary.

‘’God is in heaven and people are here fighting over him. They argue over which religion is authentic; which church is real; who is a true believer and other insignificant issues that often lead to clashes and crisis.

‘’In the case of football, 22 men are lined up on a pitch to chase after a round leather – far away Europe, Asia or America. But some people will be here claiming to have a stake there, to the extent that they equally fight, wound or kill themselves in the process…’’

The man of God who was one of the speakers at Outreach Event of ‘’Taking All Men Brother’’ at the Logos Centre, Ikeja-Lagos, therefore called on all believers; Christian, Muslim and even traditional, to thread with caution and realize that there is only one God for all and sundry.

Other speakers at the event which was well coordinated by Ms Iyabo Ogundiran included Chief Priest Olakunle Oligbinde, Dr. Augustine Agugua from the University of Lagos, Mrs Babalola Folashade Ibokun from the Home Affairs and Culture Ministry, Lagos State and a host of others. 

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