Actress, Lillian Okoli Soars High

While some of her colleagues are struggling to feature in a movie since the beginning of the year, pretty actress, Lillian Okoli popularly known as ‘Kimk’ has featured in over 10 flicks and counting.

Very busy, Lillian whose younger sister, Chidinma recently held her birthday bash is already counting her blessings in the motion puicture industry.
Currently trending is her latest work, ‘Desperate Mistake.’ Excited Lillian who played the lead role speaks about her character.

She said: “The movie is an interesting one by all standards. It is what is happening today. The storyline is about a couple married for years without a child. My character was the woman who was going from church to church looking for miracles before a friend informed me of a very powerful cleric who can solve my problem. We visited the pastor and he instructed I pray and fast for five days including daily coming for vigil.

In the process of the vigil, I encountered something else. I wouldn’t want to divulge everything. Just go and watch it. It is an eye opener.”

In the interim, Lillian is in love but she wouldn’t want to talk much about her private life as she said she will inform at the fullness of time.
Another of her blockbuster movie, ‘The Lion and Jewel’ will hit movie shelves this month.

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