HIV/AIDS Breakthrough: New Research On Treatment Of Persistent Diarrhea, Vomiting

A three man medical and pharmaceutical research group in Nigeria led by a biochemist and public health physician, Dr Chris Ikenna Agubom is researching on the possibility of their product, “activiated organic infusion” in the treatment of persistent diarrhea/vomiting in persons living with HIV/AIDS, a condition/complication that defies most measures in the case.

In Dr. Agubom’s led research, it is discovered that in addition to helping in diarrhea/vomiting in persons’ last stages of HIV/AIDS infection, they claim that novel infusion had similar impact on stabilizing disorderliness experienced in HIV/AIDS patient in different stages, in cholera patients, in patient with dysentery, patient in vegetative states, gastroenteritis, electrolyte imbalance in certain other ailments, in collapse.

“We are motivated by the need to alleviating the suffering of patients with persistent diarrhea and associated mortalities” said the research pharmacist, Dr Obiasogu.

The new product, “activated organic infusion” though in research stages, is first of its kinds in replacement therapy: it is a replacement therapy as is curative; unlike Darrows’ infusion the product will contain more Potassium, Calcium, Sodium and Magnesium compounds, activating a biological specialty E M2 formulated by their firm, Eleazar Medical Specialty, a medical and pharmaceutical outfit incorporated in Nigeria.

“It is safe for human consumption as it is in animal samples” said Dr. Agubom.
“The research is a revolutionary movement geared at changing the landscape in medical and pharmaceutical thinking, believe and more so fate and future of medicine, pharmacy and health-care delivery in the world over, particularly in Africa” he stressed.

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