Making The World Happy With Good Songs Is My Priority – P-endy

American based Nigerian international music star, Ojiezele Prince Endurance aka P-endy may not be a household name here yet but those who know him and his exploits so far can say that the creative musical genius has all it takes to take a pride of place in the arena.

Resident in Philadelphia, the singer, songwriter and businessman is CEO, Global Music Continental (GMC) Records, a label that is out to make the difference in the global music scene by discovering and nurturing budding artistes to attain greater heights in their chosen areas of specialization.

“I have been in the industry for over seven years now, in fact that was before I travelled abroad for academic reasons. But I’m back now doing what I know how to do best. My first album, a nine-tracker titled ‘Uplifted,’ was released in 2012 and it made a lot of impact. I don’t just write my own songs, I also do it for other artistes internationally,’’ he intimated.

The Edo State-born international music star also has a hot new single on his label titled, ‘My Love.’ He explained that he and his team are working towards signing more talents.

“My genre of music is diverse – Hip-hop, RNB, Pop, Rock and reggae. Our base is actually in Philadelphia, USA. I’m currently in the country to give the best I can to the arena back home. I will be dropping five singles this year and hope to be in New Delhi, India by October this year to shoot the videos especially that of ‘Missing Rib’ which is romance filled.

His choice of India for the video shoot, aside from the fact that it is a country he frequents, is to give his works global touches in many facets.  “Yes, I have good relationship with Indians, it’s like my second home.  Our music has gone global and keeps contributing to the nation’s growth and employment. Yet, the industry is still struggling because the government does not appreciate its value,’’ he lamented.

P-endy swears, therefore, that if the government can show support, the sky will be the limit for its players and stakeholders, adding that it is the most productive entertainment industry in Africa. All the same, he advised his colleagues to endeavour to be more creative, passionate and original by writing good songs.

‘’Education is another key factor they must embrace and never forget, in order to achieve real success in life. Fame or fortune must not deny them good education. It is the bastion of every good thing in life.’’
P-endy, still single and a graduate of business management, prides himself as a staunch member of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON). His role model is Phil Collins.
A detribalized Nigerian, he is also very friendly with all his colleagues in the industry generally.  But he describes that of man-of-the-moment, Banky W, as “very professional.’’And he thus talked about his recent pact with co-celebrity, Adesua, to sign the dotted lines – “for better for worse.’’

"Let me congratulate him. But I’m reserving the real congratulation for now. I will not do that until after two years, after their wedding. The reason is simple: most celebrity marriages hardly work. I pray that his works but there must be sacrifices for that to happen. From a historical perspective, when two famous people cling together, lots of argument and disagreements trail it. And this is because no one is ready to do the sacrifice. So it ends up as a romantic disaster. While I don’t want it to happen in the case of Banky and Adesua, I will give them two years before hailing them.’’

As for when it will be his turn to equally dump the bachelors’ club, he went rather philosophical; "my heart will be open to someone, not minding the race, religion, ethnicity or continent at the right time. But for now, making the world happy with good songs is my topmost priority. My ideal lady must be cultured and I can’t marry my fellow artiste. She should belong to a field that won’t deny her of her matrimonial duties and, especially, from taking care of our kids.’’

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