People Defy Downpour for Leo Mezie’s Free Medical Test (photos)

Leo with Prof.Firth
Popular actor Leo Mezie made good his promise of  holding a talk on kidney, diabetes related issues including free medical test for all attendees.

Despite the downpour of May 1 which incidentally was ‘Workers’ Day’ no fewer than 200 people stormed the church hall of St. Mary’s Catholic church, Isolo to know their health status, courtesy of Leo Mezie Foundation in partnership with Sunrise Foundation, Dublin, Ireland.

Both team had a hectic day attending to people. The excersise which began by 9am and was supposed to close by 4pm did not as more people kept coming.
However it was a success in all ramifications.
Impressed Mezie has this to say: “I am really encouraged by the turnout.  This crowd has shown that people need the service. Despite the unfavourable weather condition, they came out en masse. You can see people having tests on kidney, diabetes, excessive weight etc. Though this is our first outing but we are already getting Abuja, Port Harcourt, Jos etc, asking when we would be coming to their area. As we are here now, we are making arrangement to see how we can take the project to other parts of the country.”

Matilda Chongwa, founder and chairperson, Sunrise international, Ireland also made her comment:

“We came here since Thursday and the reason we are here in Nigeria is to do free awareness and screening on diabetes, kidney and highblood pressure. We are in collaboration with Leo Mezie Kidney Foundation.
The turnout has been massive. As you can hear from my voice, I am tired. This is something that is needed in our community because early this morning, I got a phone call from a friend whose younger sister died here in Nigeria from kidney failure.
I’m very satisfied with the turnout and Leo as well. It is a continous exercise though. We are actually here for 10 days and this is not the first time we are in Nigeria. Last year we were here on the same mission.”

Continuing further, Harifa Daly, host of ‘Miss D Talkshow,’ Ireland added her voice: “It is amazing! The turnout is unbelievable. I can t believe how people can turn out with such a short notice. It is very important for every human being to get checked. They are here to know their status. This shows that Nigerians are concerned to know about their status. I will do it over and over again if I have opportunity. Team work is the key. Two foundations collaborating to raise awareness is a welcome development.”

Professor Richard GR Firth, Consultant Physician/Endocrinologist also have this to say: 

 “I think the solution to most of these heart diseases is prevention. Public education, awareness is critical so that people should know that they shouldn’t be overweight. They should exercise. In Europe, this generation, our children, for the first time in human history, they will live shorter than their parents. Every year antibiotics, better nutrition, better sanitation will live longer. This crowd in western Europe and America are overweight. The children are overweight, they are going to die younger than their parents. So, people have to be aware, they should try and eat healthy, not to give them useless drinks like Coca cola, Fanta, Malta etc. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates, less fufu, yam, potatoes, bread etc. Eat healthy fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken and fish, lots of vegetables and also very important, parents to look after their children.”

Among those that attended the event is Mr. Don Pedro Aganbi, Lagos State chairman, Actors Guild of Nigeria.
The unveiling of the kidney foundation according to Mezie will take place later in the year.

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