Rendering Helping Hand To T Kay Band Nigeria

Oyejobi and Okeke

 Chinedu Precious Okereke is the Chief Promoter of the physically challenged group, Jesus People Enabled Band (a.k.a T Kay Band Nigeria), whose mission is to affect the lives of people all over the world through music.

No doubt, he has helped change and reawakening the face of the large band that has blind, disabled, and few able body members. A philanthropist to the core, who has made huge strides in the lives of less privilege Nigerians. “The fact is everyone has a purpose on earth, one thing is realizing what you are called to do on earth. I see them as people that are unique, people that need the support of God and mankind, that is why I volunteer myself to support them, so that God can use us to salvage their situation.,” he said.

He reiterated that his humanitarian deed is as a result of his passion for the less privilege without having to get any form of compensation in return. “I think it has to do with the passion that everyone feel for them. It is what God asked me to do. They need the support of mankind, they need to be promoted, and we need to put that smile on their faces.

“There are great potentials that God has deposited in each member of the band that people never valued. They can play the keyboard, drum, among others. Some people see them as people that are beggars which is not true; there are gifts that God has put in them that can make them compete with people in any part of the world. They should not be seen and pitied.”

For the past years the Afikpo North born philanthropist has championed, equip the less privilege in the society. He donated an automobile bus to the group to aid their mobility. He disclosed that people should not wait for government before rendering support to the needy. “I would not say that there is a societal neglect for them, but people should support them individually, we don’t have to wait for the government, we don’t have to say they are neglected, no if God did not abandoned you, no one will abandoned you, that is why we are out to say let support them, we should be our brother’s keeper, people say they are less privilege, I did not see them as less privilege, we need to support them so that they can live and smile as others are smiling.”

Few months ago, the band shine like stars in Cairo, Egypt during the first anniversary of Awladna International Art Forum for the Gifted where 28 countries including the United States, and Germany participated in the programme, and the band emerged winners in the music category. Okereke said the outing in Cairo has also motivated him to do more for the band.

 “The trip to Cairo was a successful one. The group came out the best and award was given to them, this has also motivated me to do more for them. This is to say that these dream will surely be actualized. What we got was awesome because to us it was just like let go and perform and when we got there it was mind blowing, we put ourselves together and do the best. We indeed performed so well that the participants were amazed; they really appreciated us and the country we are coming from. 

When God is on your side little thing will come out successful that is what happened in Cairo at the Awladna International Art Forum for the Gifted.”
He disclosed that the band will be going on a musical tour of the United States to propagate God’s words through music. “Before the Cairo show the band has been performing in churches, but presently we are believing God for a tour to United States of America to go and do what God has called us to do. The goal is to prove to the world that those they call the less privilege can be used to affect the lives of people all over the world; and to prove to the world that everyone created by God is important.”

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