Tripple Honour For Maryam Elisha

Weeks after surviving the loss of her Mercedes Benz G-Wagon which was gutted by fire on Eko Bridge, Lagos, pretty, ex beauty queen and CEO, Rikaoto by ME, Maryam Elisha has moved on.

She has been attending functions and impacting lives positively.
Recently she won two prestigious awards from the organizers of a leading women conference, Xperience Womanity awards. 

The excited queen dedicated her awards to her hardworking team as well as pageants who wear her brand.

In another development, the enterprising lady has so much made impact that she is now among those are being celebrated by the government of Lagos State.

Her picture alongside other icons, dot the landscape of the ‘city of excellence’ as having made giant stride in her profession. 

Congrats Maryam!

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