We Should Learn To Appreciate Our Own – Actress, Mirabel Etuk

Though she is not an A-list actor, but Mirabel Etuk is gradually and steadily making her mark in the motion picture industry with her impressive acting prowess.

Currently working on a project at the moment after her fascinating role interpretation of ‘Ghetto Pikin,’ which would soon hit movie shelves, the fair complexion thespian has actually done five blockbuster movies back to back.
She however hinted that she is cooking something that would wow movie buffs but would rather keep it under wraps for now till when it is done.

Pretty Etuk who started her movie career in 2009, left for her higher education and returned in 2015 has this to say about her love life: “In my case, lines will fall in pleasant places for my sake that's all I can say concerning when the wedding bells would ring and as for me marrying an actor, I must confess that this question has just thrown me off balance. I’m just so clueless with the answer right now. Maybe some other time, I just might have the answer.”

She talks also about an accessory she cannot do without as well as her role models in the industry; “I can do without any fashion accessories except for my wristwatches. I would rather use the word mentor in qualifying my role models. I have got great admiration for lots of persons in and out of the movie industry. First, my number one mentor and spiritual father is Papa (Bishop David Oyedepo). Others are Sir John Okafor (Mr Ibu), Liz Benson, Genevieve Nnaji, Nse Ikpe Etim amongst others.”

On her impression about Nollywood, Etuk said: “Nollywood has grown and we're still growing.  It's just a matter of time we will get there. So far, so good, there's been lots of progress to look back on. We Nigerians should learn to appreciate our own because we put in a lot into what we do. The truth is that it is not easy to make somebody laugh, smile and happy and we do this with our movies. Seriously it takes a lot to do this and we deserve the best trophy.”
She also have a word of advice to her fans and colleagues; “My immense gratitude goes to everyone who has stood by me. I’m really grateful and to those back stabbers, snitch, I still say thank you and good riddance.”

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