Why Mercy Johnson No Longer Grace the Screen

For those that have inundated samurahh.com with calls of why popular actress, Mercy Johnson no longer feature in movies as before, the reason (s) is not far-fetched.

Sometime ago, she had issues with a top producer in Enugu who treated her like a star that she is and at the end of the day owing to numerous commitment on other sets, she allegedly did not conclude her job with the filmmaker which made him write a petition against her to other big marketers coupled with the fact that they too have been complaining about her overbearing attitude in terms of fees.

Also Samurahh.com learnt that when she returned from her last maternity leave, some of her colleagues who were all over the screen like Funke Akindele, Chacha Ekeh, Chioma Chukwuka, Chika Ike, etc had hiked their fees, she now increased hers from N700k to N2m. Many producers then got angry and decided to stop using her face.

That is aside the fact that most independent producers now patronize online platforms to sell their products. They don’t have such money to pay. So, when the opportunity to become a special assistant to the governor of her home state of Kogi on entertainment came, she jumped at it as jobs no longer flow like before.

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