Ford - Coscharis Collaborate With The Media On Safety

 L-R: Motebang Mokoena, Ford Driving Skills For Life (DSFL) Trainer; Abiona Babarinde, General Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications, Coscharis Group; Derek Kirkby, Ford - DSFL Director; and Felix Mahan, Brand Manager Ford, Coscharis Motors; at the DSFL training held in Lagos recently.

Ford Motor Company in collaboration with its sole dealer in Nigeria, Coscharis Motors, successfully hosted this year's DSFL training held last week at the Coscharis Assembly plant facility, Awoyaya. 

In his speech, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications Coscharis Motors, Mr. Abiona Babarinde said that Ford and Coscharis are committed to growing the automotive industry in Nigeria, and all forms of training form a major part of the brand’s work in Nigeria.  

He said: “Road safety is a topic of global concern and particularly important here in Nigeria where our deaths and injuries from motor vehicles accidents are far too high. Motor journalists can play a vital role in educating Nigerian consumers on all things motoring but most importantly on road safety and telling them about vehicle features that support safety.  We hope that you all share the knowledge you learn today with your readers.

Today, we welcome Derek Kirkby and Motebang Mokoena to Nigeria. They will together run the Driving Skills for Life programme here at Coscharis.

It is going to be an exciting day. Besides the general training on distracted driving we have incorporated a 4x4 trail requiring the use of four-wheel drive, as well as a special presentation on child safety in the car. 

“You will have the opportunity to learn about the features that the Ford Ranger offers such as safety, departure angles, brake distance on gravel and anti-lock braking system (A.B.S) and how to use other four-wheel drive functions such as traction control, locking differential and the drive train.

Drinking and driving will be under the spotlight with the use of the drunk-driving goggles. These goggles imitate a drunk driver and simulate how alcohol actually impairs driving skills

The Ford Ranger is our flagship nameplate here in Nigeria, locally assembled and the current 2016 NAJA ‘Pick up of the year’, we hope you each take the opportunity to drive in a Ranger. We will also have other nameplates to drive as part of the DSFL training including the Focus, Figo amongst others.

Ford, through its sole distributor Coscharis Motors, offers Nigerians a range of SUVs, including the new Edge and popular Explorer, as well as the well-equipped Ranger and F150 pick-up trucks and sedans such as the Taurus, some on display today for your delight to view.

“We would like to applaud NAJA for taking on this annual training initiative. It’s an excellent opportunity for the local automotive industry as it brings like-minded people together. We thank you all for making Ford’s global DSFL programme a part of the training schedule. We are sure you will enjoy your day with Ford and Coscharis and, importantly, you will all have learned many valuable lessons.”

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