Kaffy, Osakioduwa, Maja Star in New Yinka and Bola ObebeTV Show “Now that You’re Married”

In our African society today, marriage is a constant hot topic, as many hold varying opinions influenced by their respective cultural norms.
The TV show is centered on the phases of marriage and the challenges that rock it but opening more light to how it can be dealt with from a mirror of others and on how issues were tackled and overcome.
And this is why talk show, “Now That You’re Married” is a must-watch, as it’s a subject matter most can relate with. It is good for couples and marriages that needs to know that they are not alone in what goes on in their homes.
Hosted by Liz Osho, who is a noted journalist and publicist, the show is centered on marriage in capital cities. Liz discusses topics/issues with 36 guests on perception of marriage as singles, and the reality “Now that You’re Married.”
Guests on the show include Kaffy, IK Osakioduwa, Lola Maja, and more.
Powered by RedBoxAfrica Media Company, Yinka Obebe and Bola Yinka Obebe are creative/media entrepreneurs, executive producers of the Show.
The Obebes are a married couple, and their passion for helping marriages be successful was their inspiration for creating the show.

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