See Actress Iheme Nancy’s Birthday Shoot

As purpose seems achieved after she first came to the blog space with hot photos to mark her birthday, actress Iheme Nancy has again released a new shoot to mark her birthday.

Best known her role in Nollywood movie “Alobam”, but fondly called 'Paragon Beauty' made a release of some wowing vintage photos to celebrate a yet another birthday.
In retrospect to the release of the last year’s stunning photos, tongue let loose to do what it is known best for, wagging, even while the weird actress issued a “send-nobody” statement and reaction to it all.

While some of her fans and followers condemned the slaying photos, but her most ardent admirers who however understood her style went on to hail her uniqueness and originality towards life affairs.

With a focus on these recently released photos, Nancy, a graduate of Business Education from Alvan Ikoku University of Education, Owerri, Imo State seems to have achieved her aim of coming to the blog space with a bang, and now wants to face the real deal.

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