Biafran Activists Will Decide Next Anambra Governor; Kanu Heading For Catastrophe, Says Prophet

A frontline prophet who predicted that Goodluck Jonathan, Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump of the United States will become presidents have said that efforts of pro-Biafran agitators to produce a governor in Anambra State will pay off as he saw Biafran flag flying in his visions.

The General Overseer of King of Kings Deliverance Ministries, (KKDM), Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi told our correspondent that it was God who saw one the leaders of the Biafran struggle, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu through his incarceration in prison, but has began to frown at his arrogance, and will soon bring him to his knees if he does not change.

Responding to questions on the telephone, the man of God who said he is currently in the forests of prayers in Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, Ebonyi State, where his headquarters is located spoke thus "the Lord spoke to me and I repeat, 'I saw my servant Kanu lamenting that Biafrans are crying, and he wept to me. I gave him comfort for his courage. My spirit sat with him all through and they came to kill him. Could they kill him? How could they? I told my servant to speak to the world and proclaim his freedom. I proclaimed him free and no prison could stop him', so says the Lord", Chukwudi stated.

He further revealed that he was the only prophet who forsaw when Kanu will be released and said that he must come to take the secrets of Biafra as soon as he is released. "But Nnamdi Kanu is pursuing other vanities. Biafra is a serious business, it's not a trade, and Kanu has turned it into a trade. He is also arrogating powers and glory meant for my Father unto himself. For these reasons, he will suffer a great fall and he will not rise again. Tell Kanu he is heading for catastrophe, said the Lord. Who am I to refuse to say what my Father told me? Has He ever failed me?

"God is not happy with him at all. How could he? You say you want Biafra, I give you, you ignore it. That is arrogance and pride. He is heading down fast, in the spiritual dimension. Biafra is here, and it is here that the power you need to achieve it will come. Am seeing a very mighty fall, a very shameful fall facing Nnamdi Kanu. God is revealing to me that there is no atom of humility in him.

"But the Lord showed me Anambra elections. Nnamdi Kanu, stop pointing your fingers into the eyes of God. How can you say you want Biafra and your helper is here, and you say it won't work? You say it's impossible to win elections without rigging, yet you call on my name. Am I not God again? Is there anything too much for me to do? Go, put it down in your book, that those of you who say you want to be governors over Biafrans must accept Biafra.

The prophet argued that God was the one who chose some Biafran activists to join the political struggle; "Ignore Biafra in Anambra elections and you will have problems. They carry a great light shining in Anambra, I chose them myself. Ignore them and perish. The Supreme whom I serve is currently monitoring Anambra, that's why Kanu cannot succeed in trying to stop it. Let him go and rest, and be humble, or else, his downfall cometh".

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