Buhari Should Resign If He Is No Longer Fit - Odigbo

General Overseer, Land of Grace Healing Ministries aka Cry No More, Prophet Chukwuemeka Samuel Odigbo has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign if he is no longer fit to steer the affairs of the nation.

In this chat with Emma Clems, Odigbo who is fondly called The Prophetic Pilot speaks about his ministry, State of the nation among other issues.


How did your journey in to the ministry started?
I travelled oversees after my primary education, while I was there, I began to experience the calling of God upon my life, I often saw myself in visions laying hands on people, preaching the Gospel. That was how I realized that the hand of God was upon my life for a ministry. I returned to Nigeria and started the ministry five years ago while the church started in July 2010 with less than five peoples but today the church is crowded.

Tell us how you came about the name; Land of Grace Healing Ministries?
The name ‘Land of Grace’ is divinely from God. I was in three days fasting and praying when I heard the name Land of Grace. It whispered into my ears, I looked around but found nobody. I then jotted it down in a piece of paper. While I was inside a bus I heard the voice again by the side of the window where I sat whispering to me repeatedly; Cry No More!
I looked through the window but I did not see anybody. I now waited upon the Lord for interpretation of the revelation and the lord explained to me that ‘Cry No More’ should be the other name. And that is the alias of the ministry.

How long has your ministry been in existence?
By the grace of God, I have been in the ministry for over 16years but my ministry is officially seven years of existence.


How do you handle pressure in the work of God?
There is no pressure in the work of God. I only found pleasure in doing the work of God. God has given me the strength and enablement to handle his work effectively without pressure.


What else do you do apart from pastoral work?
I do no other work. I am a full-fledged minister of the gospel, although my wife is a business woman trading in textiles and general goods. I am a very busy man of God doing the things of God within and outside the country.

If the work of God fails you, what else will you do?
Never, the work of God cannot fail me and will never fail me because God cannot lie. He says in his word, ‘I am the Lord and I changeth not.’ He is the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Anytime I ministered testimonies are always been recorded.

How can you identify a true man of God?
By their fruits you shall know them and not by their gift. Ask God for a discernment spirit, you don’t need to be told

Do you believe in miracles?
Jesus Christ is the miracle working God. Anywhere he goes he went about performing miracles, signs and wonders and healing all manner of sicknesses. I believe in miracles and God is using me to perform miracle in my ministry.

How do you relax?
I have my comfort time like on Wednesdays. Wednesdays are my off days where I stayed with my family. Pray, eat and have discussion together.

How often do you host programmes?
God has mandated me to host programmes every month of the year. We just rounded off our programme on July, 23 at the church premises; 5, Land of Grace Avenue Moshalashi/Balogun Bus-Stop, Igando Lagos. 
The programme was titled, It Is Never Too Late For Me. There was healing, deliverance, prophetic utterance and souls were won to the kingdom of God.

Let us discuss a bit about national issues. Are you aware that the Arewa youths have given the Igbo’s notice to leave the North?
I heard it, but it’s quite unfortunate. Nigeria belongs to everybody, the northern youth giving Igbo’s notice is wrong, It is not ideal and I don’t support Biafra agitation, I pray for peace and for one Nigeria. Islamizing Nigeria is not the best; we have to pray against it so it won’t stand.

A lot of Nigerians are saying that President Buhari should resign and tend to his health. What is your take on that?
If our president is sick, we need to pray for him but if he is not fit to take care of the country, let him step down and appoint someone else. If the President is sick, does it mean the country is sick? I truly know that there is a cabal going on within the presidency that does not want him to let go of power, I strongly believe that there is a secret within the Aso Rock that does not want him to resign. I want him to know that except the Lord watch over the city, the watchers watch but in vain. We need God’s direction.

What is the way forward?
The way forward to this country is prayer. Nigeria belongs to everybody, every individual should pray, it’s a team work, that is why the Bible says ‘can two walk together except they agreed.’ When there is an agreement Nigeria will be great. Nigeria is a blessed country, what we need is for God to have mercy on us and remove the bad leaders.

Please tell us more about yourself?
I am from Imo State from a Christian family of 10 and the sixth child of the family. I desired and achieved much from my late father who led us to church service at the Deeper Life Bible Church. My father was a staff of the defunct Nigerian airways. He later grew to become an elder in the Deeper Life Bible Church. I later joined the Christian Pentecostal Church where I served as an usher, since then, I started putting much interest in the things of God.

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