If the Igbos Walk Out Of Nigeria, We Are Going To Have Crisis – Bishop Elimiaga

Bishop Wilson Elimiaga of Holy Family Church, Lagos, is an angry man. He is angry about senators, insecurity in the country, President Buhari’s state of health, etc.
He talks with Emma Clems about this and other issues.

What are your thoughts about the state of insecurity and kidnapping in the country?
The government should be blamed, because the kidnappers are jobless youths whom the government of the country failed to plan and provide for. Most of them are political hoodlums and thugs that the politicians abandoned after winning their elections; we cannot solve the problem of kidnapping in the country if there is still poverty, hunger and joblessness. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, no youth will like to stay hungry; the major thing that makes them to engage in crime is lack. I am not very pleased with the way that the government is handling the Evans issue; you can sense flippancy in their approach, we can all remember the Clifford Orji’s case, where is he now? That is why it looks as if people take laws into their hands because we don’t have a good judiciary. 
Our judiciary is sour; they are not reliable. Osibanjo is acting and working on a limit. He cannot do certain things because he is still acting. This is the worst National Assembly we’ve ever had. We don’t have a senate. We have people that have selected themselves to do what they want. Senators are not doing anything. Constitutional allowance should not be given to them. Their salary is enough, in fact the state that we are now, the senate are not suppose to be paid salary.   

Sir, what is your take on the quit notice given to the Igbos by the Arewa Youths?
I wonder why some Nigerians are saying that there is nothing wrong with the notice to Igbo to leave the north, though the way the Igbos are doing is the reason why the northerners got angry. They always insist on going, now the northern youths have told them to go.
If the Igbos go where will they stay? The north will be affected. The economy of this country is in the hands of the Igbos, the only thing that is not in their hands is government power.   If all the Igbo decide to go home who will hold them? If all the Igbos decide to locate their businesses from Lagos who will hold them? They are the major contributor to the economy and if they are the major contributor to the economy, let them go to the east and let everybody now go and buy from them. They have the best businesses and schools in Lagos. They can as well move to their state. If the Igbos walks out of Nigeria today, we are going to have crisis. Anything that does not involve money, counts the Igbo out. Any village you don’t see any Igbo man be careful of that place, any place you see an Igbo man go to, they possess that place. 
Why I am saying this is that the Edos gave birth to me, the Yorubas educated me, the Igbos established me, the Hausas comforted me, so I am a deep Nigerian. The north will be affected if the Igbo’s leave the north.

Are you saying that you are in support of the Biafra agitation?
Yes, I am in support but they are not matured yet. It’s coming to pass but not the way they are going about it.  

A lot of Nigerians are saying there is a cabal within the presidency that does not want to let go of power?

Either there is a cabal or not I am in support of president Buhari to resign if he knows that his state of health is bad. The president must acknowledge the fact that his life is priceless. No amount of money is equal to his life.

What is the way forward?
Let us be patient with the government.  We should not be in a rush. Nigeria will be a better country.

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