MOBIN Dissociates Itself From UPP Primaries, Calls On Biafrans To Be On Standby

Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) has dissociated itself from the UPP Primaries saying that Biafrans cannot be part of a process that threatens the right to fair hearing, equity, fairness, justice and democracy.

In a statement signed by Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu, Director General, MOBIN and made available to, the group added that its alliance with UPP is currently under review. And at the moment there may be chances of considering alternatives that will be ready to defend the freedom and ideology that they

Below is the statement:

"On Saturday, 19th August, 2017, the United Progressive Party (UPP) held its Anambra Governorship Primaries to select a candidate to run for the November elections in the State. It was meant to be the most free and fair polls to be witnessed in this country, since the UPP was supposed to represent the indigenous peoples, which Biafrans are.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be the worst rape and murder of fairness, justice and democracy in recent times.

The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) had on August 6 written to the Party, asking that the original Delegates List from the Local Governments and Wards be used for the elections, since the Party had published a fraudulent one in its website. Chief Chekwas Okorie, the UPP National Chairman had reassured MOBIN that if there were issues of mutilation of the List, it would be addressed. 

Instead of addressing the obvious fraud, the UPP had generated a new garbled list, worse than the first. MOBIN intercepted the fraudulent list two days before the Primaries and discovered the fraudulent manipulations. The fraud and inconsistencies were so glaring that men were made women leaders, dead people's names were seen in the Delegates List, and entire strangers who were not members of UPP were used to replace Ward Executives in most cases. 

"But that is not all. Also intercepted were fake National Identity Cards. A delegate told us that the ID cards were made in her presence and given to them to use for the purpose of the Primaries, and destroy them thereafter. She also said that all the fake names on the List would be issued with a fake Party Membership card. 

Immediately after, another petition was written to the Party Chairman. MOBIN stated that the matter was an emergency that required urgent need for this to be addressed as the image of the party was at stake. The Chairman neither acknowledged receipt of this document nor replied. 

Due to these developments, MOBIN issued a press statement on 17th August, pointing out these irregularities and warning that if they were not checked, we would be faced with cases of fraud worse than that of other Political Parties the UPP claims to be better than.

On Saturday, 19th August, 2017, the cases reported earlier were seen playing out. Delegates who had come from their various local governments and wards were refused accreditation with the excuse that they should wait, while unknown faces were called out to represent the same local governments and wards. 

"Right there in their presence, Party Membership Cards were being issued to these aliens while Party Executives just stood around and watched. It was so brazen.

Not only that, the Primaries ended up being conducted by a team of National Executives of the Party instead of the State Working Committee as contained in the UPP Constitution. The Party had violated its own laws and condoned the worst political fraud ever witnessed in Nigeria since 1999. 

Naturally, the delegates began to express displeasure and challenged the Party for denying them the rights to vote. The police began to shoot into the crowd, and people scampered for safety. A woman was shot in the leg in the process. As if that was not enough, canisters of teargas were fired at will at the confused crowd. A ward chairman, Honourable Uwakwe Maduabuchi, Chairman of Owerre Ezukala Ward 1 fell in the whole confusion and suffocated, giving up the ghost as a result of asphyxiation from the very heavy fumes of teargas. His corpse is currently at the mortuary. May His Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

MOBIN, a Biafran Political Organisation, having agreed that politics is an option to achieving Biafra, and having gone into alliance with the UPP in February 2017, had continually preached that no Biafran must die again in the hands of Nigerian security agents. The UPP had promised to defend indigenous peoples but the Party's attempt to prove it to the Biafrans is a mockery of indigenous peoples’ rights. 

The whole process of the UPP Party Primaries has led to the shedding of another Biafran blood. We commiserate with the people of Anambra for the loss of Maduabuchi, we commiserate with the Uwakwe family, and the entire Owerre Ezukala community. While the UPP Party members are in jubilation for conducting their Party Primaries, we Biafrans are mourning our dead. But we say here once again that the blood of the Biafrans will never be used to water the trees of greed, injustice, fraud and rape of democracy against Biafrans again. Never again!

"While we state here unequivocally that MOBIN cannot identify itself with that fraudulent Primaries that took place last Saturday, we also make bold to say that for an organization that is less than six months old, MOBIN has been able to make Biafrans proud. In its day to day grassroots mobilization process, MOBIN officials have visited all the local governments and communities in Anambra State, and created a new spirit in Biafrans. Despite the calls for boycott of elections by Mr Nnamdi Kanu, we have gone ahead in an environment that has become very disoriented with Nigerian fraudulent methodologies and preached on the needs for radical takeover of Biafraland by Biafrans through a political process. The result is that a new generation of Biafrans has been created and has embraced this new ideology with enthusiasm.

"Also as a result of the political activities of MOBIN as the political arm of Indigenous People of Biafra who are currently in the Federal High Court of Nigeria with the Nigerian Government seeking to exercise their right to self-determination, an entirely new wing of the Biafran Struggle has been created among the students. This is the Biafran Students Union, BIASU. Presently, all tertiary institutions in the five states of Biafra are gradually inaugurating chapters of BIASU and are building this new intellectual generation of Biafrans.

By this press release we want to inform the Biafrans that MOBIN dissociates itself from the UPP Primaries. Biafrans cannot be part of a process that threatens the right to fair hearing, equity, fairness, justice and democracy. The new Biafra we preach is not a Biafra of greedy politicians that muzzle truth and cage the rights of the people. It is our opinion that the UPP has been put to a litmus test and it failed woefully. The Party at the moment carries the burden of explaining to the Biafrans, and of course, to all indigenous peoples across Nigeria who had hope in the Party, why it betrayed the very ideals it claims to defend, in its very first attempt to liberate the people.

MOBIN wants to assure Biafrans that, at the moment, due to its success at Anambra, it is going back to the drawing board. We are a political organization, and will continue to preach that elections will take place in Biafraland. We cannot betray the trust Biafrans have put in us by accepting that which we set out to overthrow. 

Our alliance with the UPP is currently under review. At the moment, there may be chances of considering alternatives that will be ready to defend the freedom and ideology that we preach and uphold. Already, a number of options are cropping up and discussions are on-going. But be assured that in a few days’ time, MOBIN shall come up with a position regarding the way forward.

God bless you all."

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