Prostitutes Invade Redeemed Convention

It was just like an account in the Holy book where the children of God came to present themselves and Satan also showed up.
It was an observation yesterday night directly opposite the entrance of the Redeemed Christian Church of God where the annual convention is currently ongoing. It was a thing of surprise that a makeshift shop like other make shift kiosks at the opposite side of the road of the Redemption camp were selling stuffs that are at variance with the teachings directly opposite the camp. One would think that the kiosks were just places were sales of soft drinks, snack, bread, food etc takes place. But the one directly opposite the camp deals on products like beer, hard drinks, paraga, alomo etc. And what places like that attract is as good as your guess.

Due to serious traffic that hit that axis last night, our observer decided to wait for the traffic to ease off before hitting Lagos and she decided to have a drink. Before she knew it, four scantily clad ladies appeared and stood as if waiting for a person. Not until one of the customers beckoned to one and started haggling price with her. Others sensing their mission engaged the rest. Before one could say Jack Robinson, more came and took vantage positions inside and within the open space of the kiosk.

It was later  learn't that it is something that is just new in the area. If care is not taken as people were alighting from different destinations for prayers, some noticed these hustlers and took a second look. If nothing is done about it, another Allen round about is around the corner at the Redemption camp.

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