The Broken Woman: Finding Faith; Memoire (2)

By Blossom Obi |@Blossomobi3

The crowd at the junction was overwhelming because it rained heavily that afternoon, I hurriedly crossed the road to the other side where I would get a cab going to Louis hotel at Rumuola, Port Harcourt, in rivers state.

A voice was yelling from the crowd, it sounded familiar but so faint that I couldn’t make out the owner nor the words. I stopped to listen, it became louder, and turning I searched desperately with my eyes for the person my mind was positive I knew.

She ran towards me panting, “Faith I’ve been looking all over for you why did you leave without me?” she asked.

‘’Mercy I have been busy’’ I answered sternly trying to dissuade her eyes that helplessly searched for more answers.

Collins had earlier introduced me to a happening guy in town, Max who had the flash and style to charm any female. He showed no interest in me but offered only kind gestures without asking for any returns, even after Collins told him I was an offering to any guy who wanted to get down and dirty at the right price. He still declined, which ended up working as a reverse psychology in Max’s favour because I wanted him all the more.

‘’I am an open Casanova, you see I never hide the fact that I’m seeing more than one girl’’ Max told Collins as they talked over a beer, while Collins hailed him for his feats of erotic sexual glories and expertise.

‘’Guy but you know wetin dey marvel me?” Collins asked. His eyeballs popped further as if he was going to ask those questions with them. He took a fine gulp and you would be sure the next call will be for his second bottle. 

“na how dis ladies still dey flock around upon say them know say notin go come out’’, Collins continued.

Yes it was almost like he cast a spell on these ladies because it was very unnatural, seeing as many of these women were mature and none of them saw Max for the fraud that he was or … maybe they didn’t care, as long as they had a piece of him.

I no longer moved with Collins or Okey as I became more loyal to Max, I knew he never loved me but I loved him, just like some others too and we had aborted twice for him. 

It was on May 19th 2011, that was the faithful day I met Clinton who was Max wealthy cousin, he had fallen helplessly for me and believed a better version of me was buried that needed to be brought alive.

It was Max’s birthday so mercy and I had come for the celebration that was to take place in Louis hotel. I had just finished my drink when I noticed someone was staring at me, that wasn’t the first time someone would stare so it didn’t bother me.

 ‘’Please let me have her, I have seen these girls loyalty to you’’ Clinton pleaded with Max almost bending the knee.

Seeing that Clinton was willing to do anything for me, Max asked me to date him in order to swindle money from him. Even when I didn’t like anything about Clinton, I still did it for Max, whom I was willing to do anything for.

We played Clinton for a very long time, he had doubts but he never suspected us, he didn’t stop loving me neither did his gifts nor care reduce.

I was still seeing Max at the hotel until Clinton caught us, I felt the ground would swallow me as Max rushed out of the room following him.

Clinton still loved me and wouldn’t let go despite everything so I came clean and told everything. He kept on loving me, while I was still loving Max.

At some point we are so bereft and we feel that this emptiness is only filled by an individual and sometimes if it’s not that person, no one else would work. Well the truth is you are your own miracle or should I say only you can complete you, only you have the ability to stand up and take a decision for your life. Just like Christ said ‘'your faith has made you whole’’ so stand up, take that leap of faith and find wholeness inside of you because you are complete.  

Blossom Obi writes from Owerri, Imo State. For comments and responses, reach her via or Twitter/Instagram: @BlossomObi3.

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