Access Bank Throws Weight Behind Ibom Fiesta, Lagos

The organisers of Akwa Ibom International Fiesta have announced Access Bank as sponsor of the event.

The event is scheduled to hold on 29th & 30th of September 2017 at Freedom Park, to mark the creation of Akwa Ibom State.

According to Nelson NseAbasi, “It is a series of event which will feature: Symposium, Cultural & Arts Exhibition, Food Tasting, Fashion Show and an ALL STAR Reggae Concert, to climax with an Orange themed after party. We have been doing this with AKIYDTEC in Uyo since 2010, Akwa Ibom Cultural Festival , Orange Carnival 2011 and Orange Carnival 2012 (Silver Jubilee Edition). Now we are more about showcasing Akwa Ibom to the world, as she turns 30, more so, as we now have an amiable leadership in the state'.

At the meeting, the representative of Access Bank in charge of Hospitality and Tourism, Desola spoke well of Akwa Ibom culture and heritage to the best of her knowledge, saying she hopes to come learn and see more at the event. She said her company believes that initiatives like this deserve adequate support. 

The venue, Freedom Park, is a memorial and leisure park area in the middle of downtown Lagos in Lagos Island, which was formerly Her Majesty's Broad Street Prison. It was designed by the Architect Theo Lawson.

The park is now a serene abode for visitors and choice event venue. 

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