Adopt Non-Violent Approach- Activist Cautions Agitators

Comrade Sheriff Mulade, National Coordinator of the Centre for Peace and Environmental Justice (CEPEJ), has cautioned all ethnic and regional agitators to adopt non-violent approach to their agitations.

He was speaking in Benin yesterday on the occasion of this year's International Day of Peace.
Comrade Mulade pleaded with the agitators not to plunge the country into avoidable chaos.

"Also, the military should respect the rights of citizens and must treat the civilian population with respect and dignity.
Let the military know that applying force will escalate the conflicts and create more disaffection between the military and the civil populace.
Learning how to solve disputes without aggression is a great way to enjoy peace day.
We can collectively or individually sponsor activities and actions that promote culture of peace.

"I share in the view that says "peace needs building, not just celebrating.
Make every day your day of peace as you work towards harmony at home, work and in the community."

On Hate Speech, Comrade Mulade stated: "I call on all of us to begin to learn the skills of peace building, to begin to talk about peace and peaceful co-existence, stop hate speech and write about and promote peace."

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