Finally, P-endy Shoots ‘Perfect Woman’ Video In India

When Nigeria’s Information and Culture Minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed recently announced the botched plan to ban the production of musical, TV and movie clips abroad, widely-travelled entertainer, businessman and global peace ambassador, P-endy Don Ojiezele, was one of the people that reacted swiftly against it. Of course he was quick to recant his anger once it was reversed.

However, it was for obvious reasons. Aside from being an international artiste who has always enjoyed the freedom and choice of merging his works with international collaborators, he had concluded arrangements then to shoot the video of his new album “Perfect Woman’’, in India, which serves like his second home.

Again and interestingly, the album’s inspiration actually came from India! ‘’It is a true life story and revolves around a lady that has stolen my heart; a lady who has always been there for me and promises not to relent and guess what, an Indian,’’ he explained.

The Opeg world boss whose entrepreneurial skills spans across entertainment, agriculture and electronics, recounted he met the love of his life after futile attempts to find an ideal partner in Nigeria. ‘’She came in handy and it was love at first sight. Watch out,she will be the one to voice it out on a good day.’’

According to him, Nigerian girls didn’t handle him properly hence he had to look elsewhere. ‘’All my former ladies showed no interest on what I do but what I have, I’m sorry to say that many Nigerian girls are fake and lack conscience.’’

Now, as he jets out to India in a couple of days, it is for a double deal: the ‘’Perfect Woman’’ video shoot and a deserved hobnob with his perfect heartthrob after a long while in Nigeria.

P-endy took a swipe at the big boys in the entertainment for not supporting the younger ones in a positive manner.

“The industry has become very challenging now. The real issue is that the younger talents are still battling for survival. It is still the same old names who have access to that call the shots. And they are not ready to help the raw talents without extorting them. Why can’t they invest on them and reap from the commercial success,’’ he queried.

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