I Have Anointing To Make People Rich Without Sowing Seed- Onyeukwu

Founder and President of Grace Revolution International Ministry, Pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu has asserted and affirmed that he carries a special grace that can transform a person who is under abject poverty to an instant millionaire.

Speaking during a prophetic service in the headquarters of his ministry in Okota, he said; “Though the vision and mandate of the ministry is to preach the goodness (grace message) heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons, in addition to these, I also have a special anointing to make people rich, even without sowing seed. People have been made to believe that you must sow in order to reap, that is not wrong, but it is simply a law of nature, which applies to everybody but grace can make you rich, without sowing a kobo as seed. 

“This is the platform that Christians are supposed to operate because we are in the era of grace. The grace anointing has made me perform a lot of miracles; there was a day a daughter of mine was in the ‘keke Marwa’ (tricycle) a Yoruba woman’s baby died inside the tricycle. She was cold and lifeless. The woman started crying and rider quickly changed the route to take her to the hospital, in order to revive her. My daughter had sympathy on the woman and told her that her Pastor lives around the vicinity, that they should quickly drop by to see him, the woman agreed and they came to my house in tears and confusion; I prayed for the child and as I was praying, the baby sneezed and open her eyes it was a wonderful experience.”

Pastor Schugger added that he carries the grace to make people overnight millionaires.
He said: “When you have grace, you don’t struggle. I am not telling you that you must sow seed as other men of God will tell you; just connect to my grace when I pray for you and it will happen to you. I have a lot of people that have benefited from this grace in my ministry, but I will not like to mention their names for security reasons. A certain man was introduced to me. I prayed for him and he became a millionaire after just about 4 days because he got a contract of over N50m and he didn’t sow seed for this to happen. Seed sowing is a law of nature which is applicable to everybody but grace is for Christians.

Another young man who just relocated from the Eastern part of Nigeria came to my ministry, I prayed for him and told him that he will become a car owner within the next two weeks, before the next two week he got a jeep that is worth over N3million, after about 2months, he came back to see  me again and I prayed for him and told him that God will embarrass him with money worth over N100m, after about a week, grace put him in that position he hit money worth hundreds of millions. He bought a house in Lekki, and his life transformed totally.” 

“You can not impact the grace or anointing that you do not have, if you doubt it, visit me on Thursday by 9am at Ukpo Civic Centre by Lord’s bus-stop Ago Palace and put an end to your poverty with the power of grace. We must know the grace and mercy of God is above all things. There was a particular man that doubted that I have the anointing to make people rich I told him that I will make him an example he still doubted it, but his doubt didn’t make me feel daunted because I know what I carry; I prayed for him and gave him 10 days for a transformation, within the next four days, he got N30, million. He could not comprehend how he got it. I told him that he should not worry, that it is the grace. He didn’t sow any seed for this miracle to come his way; the grace did that for him.”

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