I Was Born Again From Womb – Pastor Okwara

In this chat with Emmanuel Clement, senior Pastor of Divine Prayers and Prophetic Ministries International, Reverend Divine Okwara popularly known as De Prophetic Commander bares his mind about his ministry, national issues, among other relevant topics.

How was your growing up like?
I started very early in life, though it has not been easy living in a Christian home. Infact, I was born having the fear of God from my mother’s womb. I am like Jeremiah of this generation, preaching the gospel of Christ from country to country and nations.
I have been doing the work of God right from when I was six years till now. I am a clergy man preaching and winning souls for a living.

How did you come about the name of your ministry?
It was a divine revelation. My name is a revelation from God. My name is Divine and the name of my ministry is also Divine ministry. So, it was a divine revelation from God.

What is your area of calling?
I am highly prophetic. By the grace of God, he has given me the mandate to reveal peoples case and problem then solution is being given immediately.

What is the vision of your ministry?
The vision of this great commission is restoring men to the original destiny through the words of prophecies and revelation.

How did you encounter Christ?
As I said earlier, I was born-again from my mother’s womb. I came out from my mother’s womb and I became a preacher. That means I was born again from my mother’s womb because my mother is a pastor, my father is also a pastor. The womb that gave birth to me was born again so I came out as a born again.

Since when you have been working for God or you became born again, is there any life or character you struggle to let go?
The truth of the matter is that once you have decided to work in God’s vineyard, there are many characters you must not associate yourself with. The bible says in Corinthians; ‘Be ye not unequally yoke together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness to with unrighteousness and what communion hath light to do with darkness.’ Once you accept Christ, your life becomes a mirror to the world. People are watching through you, seeing through you, people want to witness a lot of things through you. You no longer live a life that unbelievers lived; you live a life that pleases God. In the world today, they called it fun but there is no other fun that can be more enjoying that having fun in Christ. I have never lived any of those lives before becoming a pastor. I have never experienced any of those lifestyles. It is not part of me because of my Christian way brought up.

Sir, have you ever thought of given up from the faith or from the work of God?
I have never thought of given up but the only time I felt like giving up was during the time I trekked a long distance preaching from bus to bus, hungry, it was hell. I was not regretting but I was questioning my calling, asking God if I was really called. I used to think that anyone God called He takes care of his needs. At a time I started encouraging myself with the word God. 

How old is your ministry?
Divine Prayer and Prophetic Ministry started seven years ago in Asaba Delta State. But we recently clocked two years in Lagos in July this year. I had a programme themed; ‘Next Level’ and had guests like Prophet Dr. Thank God Abam, Chinyere Udoma, Chinedu Ihedieze (Nollyhood Actor), Osita Iheme (Nollyhood Actor) among many others.

Apart from the work of God, what else do you do?
I am into real estate. The work of God needs money. From the real estate management business, I sponsor and host meetings and crusades. I use my money to finance my crusade anywhere I go both outside the state.

How affectively do you handle the work of God with other things you do?
I give my full time to the work of God than any other thing. I have people that control my affairs but I give my full time to the work of God. I am a full time minister of God.

What are your challenges in the cause of the ministry?
The challenges I face in the ministry is much. If I start saying it here this interview will not end. It was tough. It wasn’t easy initially. When it was getting tougher I get back to Him to remind him that He was the one that called me that said He will take care of me. And by grace of God today, the story has changed; everything works together for good for them that love God and to them that work according to His purpose.

What has life taught you over the years?
Life is a great teacher, we learn every day, meeting people and communicating with people alone is a lesson. We have seen worse people and we have seen real people. Life has taught me great lessons. Believe me, I have learnt from life.

So far, do you have any regret?
No single regret. I have no single reason to regret for life and I don’t think I will.

What is your source of inspiration?
I derive inspiration anytime I sing. Anytime I want to be in the presence of God my inspiration is songs. I sing to Him. I came to discover that whenever you pray, you bring his angels down but anytime you sing you bring down God’s presence. I sing before I preach the word of God. Before I come to church I sing. I believe singing brings His presence to where I am. Singing is one of the things I enjoy more even though I don’t have good voice, yet, I sing to His glory.

With your experience in ministry, how can you identify a real prophet of God?
The lifestyle of a prophet can tell you if this man is a true prophet of God. The bible says that by their fruits you shall know them and not by their gifts. Character is who you are when no one is watching you. The character of a prophet of God, your lifestyle, dressing, behaviour and how you talk can tell if you are a true prophet of God. A true prophet of God is not only a man that prophecy, a true prophet of God is a decent man both inside and outside.

What is your most painful time in ministry?
My most ugliest and painful time in ministry is scandals. Funny enough it wasn’t coming from outsider, but your colleagues, your fellow ministers. It’s a most painful experience that the minister of God will have when your fellow believers, pastors in the same faith is fighting you. The same believers you run the same race that you preach the same bible is kicking against you and your ministry. It is the most painful experience I have ever faced in ministry, scandals from colleagues. 

Who is your role model in Christendom?
Apostle Johnson Suleiman is one of my role models. He is a preacher of the word. In teaching the word, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin of Christ Mercy Land, Warri, is a man I enjoy listening to. Both of them are my role models.

Where do you see your ministry in the next 5 years?
By the grace of God, we should be everywhere moving from nation to nation, country to country and state to state reaching out to the world, and having the mountain of our own that people will come to seek the face of God and getting their problems solved.

You seem to be a very busy man, how do you relax?
I give myself rest once in a while. Most times on Mondays though it’s not all the time, but believe me even in my resting bed I receive call of life; a call of destiny I don’t mind sacrificing my rest just to save a soul because that is what I am called to do. That is my profession. I cannot be resting when a soul is languishing. When the body gives us signs of breakdown, I rest.

How often do you organize programs?
Every Wednesdays is our service in Lagos. In Asaba our service is on Sundays. I organize programmes almost every month and thousands of people gather to be blessed at Triple AAA Event Field beside Kuwait Field, Gowon Estate, Market by Banire b/stop, Egbeda Lagos. Testimonies are always recorded during our programmess and weekly services. Our church address is at No104, Okunola Street, Okunola B/stop, Egbeda Road.

Advice for young ministers of God?
They should be patient, sincere and righteous.
Righteousness exhorts a nation but sin is a reproach. Three things ministers of God should avoid, it kills faster than HIV and Cancer - Money, Pride and Woman. These three things can lift you up and still bring you down. If you can avoid these three things, your ministry will go far in life. And make sure you have the calling before you make a move. Be yourself, don’t deviate otherwise you will miss the road and when you miss the road you will mislead the shepherd.

Do you support clerics going into politics?
Yes, I do. The bible says that the government shall be upon his shoulder. When the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice but when the wicked is on the throne the people lament. For a child of God to be in power, it is good, that is what we have been praying for.

Recently we celebrated Nigeria at 56, is it really worth celebrating?
We will keep celebrating. Even useless sons celebrate birthdays, cool headed sons also mark birthdays. You cannot say a bad son should not mark his birthday because he is bad. Nigeria is not celebrating how far they have gone, they are not celebrating their success story, I am sorry to say, they are just celebrating the years the country is.

Sir, is it true that Nigeria is really out of Recession?  
We are still in recession. The masses are still crying but I think it is better than the earlier stage of President Buhari.

Should Nigerians still have hope on this administration?
Health challenge is in every human nature, you don’t give up on the man that is still living. A living man is better than a dead lion. As long as the president is still living in good health I think there is still hope if the whole country can join hands together to support him. 

What is the way forward for this nation?
Nigerians should come to God as one in unity. Together we can move mountains. Biafra agitation should stop. Dividing the nation is not the best.

Sir, if you happen to meet Mr. President today, what will you tell him?
I will tell him to bring everybody together. One tree cannot make a forest. President Buhari cannot be everything and be in everywhere. And let there be dialogue.

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