Mr. Ibu Excited Over ‘Most Influential Nigerians - MIN’

 “You made it possible by assembling all these beautiful materials on Igbo sons and daughters; you too can do it for Nigerians in general. A lot of people are hoping to be part of this wonderful project, but they can’t find their ways into it, because it’s only designed for Igbo people. When you go back, please have another meeting with your editorial board, see how you can implement the idea of involving all Nigerians. It worked for Most Influential Igbo Personalities and it has become a brand, I believe with the same effort you can achieve more in making it a national one.”

Those were the words of Nollywood actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, when he called on the author and editorial board of Most Influential Igbo Personalities to revamp the publication to enable it accommodate the entirety of Nigerians in the compilation he boldly described as worth having at the national level.

After years of rigorous consultation and deliberation, the editorial board of the book and brand, Most Influential Igbo Personalities, otherwise known as MIIP, agreed to rejig the format for compiling the prestigious list, to enable it include other elites at the national level.

 Read Mr. Ibu’s reaction when his suggestion came to fruition.

What motivated your suggestion for the revamp of this project from Most Influential Igbo Personalities to Most Influential Nigerians?
It’s not a bad idea. If you have a concept that has to do with the public, you have to make it explicit enough so they know exactly what the concept is all about. ‘Most Influential’, the word you used, is okay, but I think everybody is influential in different aspects of life. The only man that is not influential is a dead man. In fact, even when somebody is dead, he is still influential. His record will be kept, and you will find out that that person has one or two things to contribute in people’s lives. Therefore, I want to commend you for a wonderful idea like this. It’s a concept that from the beginning nobody had ever come across. But, for you (the lead writer) to comelatch on to it, it means you have something upstairs. I say well done.   

How do you think that this project will influence the lives of young Nigerians?
That’s if you are consistent. Then you make sure that you are not being selective regarding people. Just go on and meet people, discover them, tell the public who they are, if they are truly influential. Then, find out the department where they major, that’s very important. Like my very self, I am in the entertainment industry and of course, as you all know, I don’t disappoint, by the special grace of God. I will try the best I can to make sure that the flag keeps flying.

Congratulations to you on your appointment as member of the Advisory Board for Most Influential Nigerians – MIN. How do you see this development?
Since you took the first advice, why won’t I offer another one? Unless you condemned the advice I gave to you, then there is no need to give another one. So, advice must always come.

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