Our Problem Is Not Restructuring But Good Leadership - Franklin

President and founder of Church on the Rock International, Brazil, Rev. Obinna Franklin has asserted that what Nigeria needs is good leaders not restructuring that everybody is calling for.

Franklin who hails from Imo state and runs one of the biggest churches owned by a foreigner in Sao Paulo, Brazil made this known at the birthday ceremony of his friend recently in Lagos. 

The amiable man of God revealed that he started the work of God in a humble way by preaching in buses, streets, prisons, hospitals here in Nigeria before he finally moved to Brazil in the year 2001. 

Popular for organizing an annual gospel music event he called, ‘Experience Brazil’ which had the likes of Don Moen, Ron Kenoly among others in July this year said that restructuring will only become imperative and essential after we must have gotten it right with good leadership.

He said: “There is nothing wrong with Nigeria. All we need are patriotic leaders. Nigeria has what it takes to be among the best countries in the world. God has really blessed us greatly with enormous human and natural resources but it is really pathetic that those who have always ruled us are those who only love themselves; those who wants to their enrich pockets, not considering the masses. It is very rare to see a country that has as much human and natural resource as we do. It is annoying that high rate of corruption and embezzlement among our leaders has impoverished us, dwindled our resources and kept us in the state of penury. With affective leadership and management, Nigeria is supposed to be giving loans to other countries of the world. Please tell the government to forget about restructuring, because restructuring is not Nigeria’s problem. We can only talk about restructuring when we must have gotten it right, in terms of leadership.

“This leadership problem is not peculiar to Nigeria alone, it is like a disease that has ravaged Africa as a continent. You see African leaders ruling most times for their own selfish interest. It is in Africa that you will see a head of state who has ruled for 30years and above. Though there are checks and balances but he runs the affairs of the entire country as if he is running his family affair. He enriches himself with the national wealth that should accrue to everyone. We can never move forward with this. Until we correct the errors we have in terms of leadership our sufferings will never abate. 

“The Igbo man would not have been calling for the Biafra State if he was not marginalized. The Niger-Delta people would not have suddenly become hostile and restive if we had given leaders that made them feel positive effect of good government and administration. We have to sit back and put things right and stop calling for things that are not relevant.”

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