The Broken Woman: On Bended Knees

By Blossom Obi | @BlossomObi2

‘‘My dad killed my mum in cold blood, so I would never let a man hit me and go free” Susan said voicing her thoughts while she sat on one of the single sofas in the sitting room. She picked a framed photograph of her mum, stared hard as if it would come to life, but it didn’t. Tears dropped on the frame as she recalled how her mother was also her best friend.

 ‘’Nothing is certain, everything is temporary and everybody leaves’’ with the back of her palm she wiped the tears off her face, as if wet palms were better than wet eyes.

Susan parents met at a wedding party of one their friends, had similar interests, he got more attracted to her because he had always admired an independent woman who wanted to achieve her own dreams, in this world where most women had little or no clue of what they wanted for themselves.

They realized they had similar interests. His love for independent women was stirred up when he realized she was just a perfect example of a lady who knew what she wanted in life.

A journey of few meetings and visits, turned to marriage and just like the priests would wish in their prayers, things were rosy until the beast in her dad stepped out. He was extremely jealous and a true woman beater.

The feeling of knowing her mum was beaten to death followed her each time she met a man. Even when she tried so hard to put that behind her, it always came into play whenever she senses any violent act from the man she is dating.

Alex was different from other guys she had broken up with and just because she never double dates, she was always alone after each breakup. She would know only her pillow at night until the next guy shows up.

Aside her calm and determined nature, Alex was attracted to her fine figure. A curvy Coca-Cola bottled shape that would attract enough attention. Six months into their dating were all rosy and arguments was on a minimal until she came late to one of their regular eat-outs. He got so upset that they didn’t eat anymore, he left immediately after she came in.

She ran after him trying to explain, but unlocking the car and entering the driver’s side, he screamed; ‘’get in’’, she immediately obeyed trying to continue her apology.

‘’I don’t want to hear it’’, He screamed, cutting her off with his right hand almost close to her face, as he  speedily drove off despite the warning of the traffic light.

He pulled up in front of his house, opened the door to go out but was pulled back by Susan and that was when he stared at her as if he would hit her. His eyes did anyway. She got the message and withdrew as they came out and entered his flat which was on the second floor of the two story building, without saying a single word to each other through the stairs.

‘’I would need a very good explanation because an apology won’t solve this case, what the hell happened?’’ he yelled as he sat down on the couch facing the television in the living room, but Susan was tired of his yelling so she decided to keep quiet ignoring him, as she walked towards the room.

‘’now where do you think you’re going woman, I asked you a question’’ he turned in her direction. She stopped and she said ‘’I have been trying to talk to you but all you do is shut me up, so this is me following your lead’’ as she opened the door walked in and sat on the bed pouting. He strolled in yanked her up from the bed demanding an explanation but she kept mute, it infuriated him the more and he hit her.

She tried to leave but he pulled her back, that was when the memory of what happened between her parents started to flash through her mind and she began to jerk with a seizure. Alex was worried as he carried her close to himself knelling down as he held her and promised heaven and earth.

Go Figure
You owe it to yourself to be stronger. To find out what you want for yourself, to say no with a passion and mean it, to want something with a passion and go for it. To become a better version of yourself, not dwelling in the past but molding the lessons to transform the person you are becoming. There is greatness and light inside of you, you just have to see it too.

Blossom Obi writes from Owerri, Imo State. For comments and responses, reach her via

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